Prayer acknowledges complete dependence on God for His guidance, direction, and provision.

Love the Lord with all our hearts, soul, and mind and love others as ourselves (Matt. 22:37). Nothing we do or say has value without love

(1 Cor. 13:1-3). Jesus commands us to love everyone, even our enemies (John 15:12, Luke 6:27-36).

Connect with others, connect others to God. Build relationships motivated by love, centred in Christ, and focused on discipleship.

As our Lord Jesus Christ did. He came to serve, not to be served; so we walk in His footsteps by serving the world with humility and sacrifice (Mark 10:45).

Of refugees and non-refugees working together in ministry emphasizes the things we have in common rather than things that might divide us.

Focuses all we do on Christ so that our words as well as our actions preach and reflect Christ. 


"See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord." 
(Colossians 4:17)

There are three (3) major ministries under FCR INTERNATIONAL and they are the following:

Refugee Impact Ministry (RIM)

Focus is Refugees and Migrants: - Christ to every Refugee and Migrant and through every Refugee and Migrant Christ to the World.

Women & Hospitality Ministry (WHM)

Focus is Women, Children, and Families: - Making Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour of Every Home in the World.

International Fellowship of Christ Disciples (IFCD)

Focus is Reaching Out to All Nations for Christ:

Making Disciples of All Nations - Launching Disciple-Making Movements in the World.

Under I.F.C.D our ministry shall also:

o Offer opportunities for believers in Christ Jesus to gather for worship, praise, and study of the Word of God.
o Offer opportunities for the education and training of Pastors, Missionaries, and other categories of Christian Workers both locally and internationally.
o Offer Christian Services to the community of believers both locally and internationally.
o Intentionally engage in community impact activities of charity, love, care, and compassion that will enhance the general welfare of all who live in any community both locally and internationally.

Special Note

If you wish to pursue studies in a Bible College or Institute, please, contact us for help, guidance, and assistance.

o We can provide opportunities to prospective students to obtain financial aid or scholarships for their studies.

o We offer opportunities for Ordination and/or Missionary Service to anyone who completes Bible College/Institute Studies through our ministry and who meets all academic and training requirements and who also discerns being called to ministry

Thinking About Joining Us or Visiting Us

o We accept visits from Churches, Christian Organizations and Institutions, Missionaries and Mission Agencies and Other Christian Workers.

o We also accept people who wish to join us as short-term or long-term team members.

o Interested teams, groups, or individuals can contact us for necessary information, guidelines, and assistance.